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Half Girlfriend Movie PosterHalf Girlfriend is the latest novel written by the well known Chetan Bhagat. He got so many of commendations from the readers and critics for his novels like Five Point Someone, One Night @ the Call Center, The 3 Mistakes of My Life, 2 States and Revolution 2020. Ten years, six novels and a non- fiction book since he stormed into writing and most of his novels are best sellers of its time.

This article will give you all the details of Half Girlfriend you are looking for. As it is a very long article, so you can quickly jump to any particular portion you are looking for.

Half Girlfriend Book Detail:

Half Girlfriend Movie Details:

About Half Girlfriend Book:

Half Girlfriend is Bhagat’s latest fiction and has been released on 1 October 2014. Half Girlfriend created a big hope for the readers before the launch. This novel has a variety of characters and sequences which will bind you with it. In this book you will find a rural-urban love story like none other because love exist between classes, many battles need to be won. Chetan Bhagat tried his best to bring a unique love story with Half Girlfriend.

Half Girlfriend By Chetan Bhagat

Half Girlfriend By Chetan Bhagat


Half Girlfriend is a story of a Bihari Boy Madhav Jha and a rich girl of Delhi Riya Somani. Madhav is very bad in English as he is from a rural area and on the other hand Riya is fluent in English as she belongs to a high class family. Madhav studies, sociology and Riya studies English. As Madhav’s English is very poor so he gets the admission in St. Stephen’s College through his sport quota as he is good at basketball, on the other hand beautiful Riya is also selected through the sport quota. In this game Madhav gets the new way to interact Riya and soon Riya and Madhav become good friends. As Madhav and Riya likes each other company very much so they always be together in college and plays basketball together mostly.

Madhav wants Riya as his girlfriend, but Riya refuses. Riya invites him to a party at her home, but Madhav doesn’t have good clothes to wear so he borrows a suit from his friend Shailesh and goes to the party. Madhav always gets too, despite to get physical with Riya and demands once to have sex with him by saying his desi language (Deti hai to de, warna katle), Riya didn’t like this behavior of him and warn him to stay away and not to talk to her anymore. After that story takes a turn as Riya marries her childhood friend Rohan who has a large empire of businesses in London.

After that Madhav decides to settle in his hometown Domraon (Bihar) and help his mother with her school. In Domraon, Madhav declares Prince for his family and decides to do help the villagers by making their children educated. The condition of the school is very poor in which no proper classes or toilets are available for the students so he decides to meet MLA for some help but MLA Ojha denies for the help as he doesn’t have much money for the school.

An opportunity comes to do well in school when the MLA informs him about the visit of ‘Bill Gates’ in Bihar. So a task has been given to Madhav to deliver a speech on the behalf of his school in English for the Bill gates. As Madhav’s English is not so good so he decides to join the English classes in Patna. At that time he again comes across the Riya again in a hotel of Patna who is already divorced. Riya helps Madhav to make a speech in English for Bill gates. After the speech delivers to the gates, Riya leaves a letter for Madhav in which she mentions about her lung cancer and she is about to die soon.

Riya leaves for the New York to full fill her dream as she wanted to become a singer in a bar of New York. It is revealed by her journals in which some points are being marked by Chetan Bhagat. So Madhav goes in search for her to New York. In New York Madhav meets Priya with the help of his friends. His friends want Madhav to move on his life and go date with Priya but Madhav refuses. He goes to Madison Square garden to see the basketball game before two days of his leave and find a lady who gives him some Boucher of some concert or show. When he returns, he gets a surprise farewell party from his friend. He books his ticket of last show with the name M and runs to see that is there Riya or not. In the dark cold night he doesn’t get any vehicle to go to the show so he runs and reaches to the venue. At the venue after the extensively searching and lots of pain, he finally finds her love in a bar as a singer. After that they get married and the story turns off.

Half Girlfriend Review:

As a writer the evolution of Bhagat is apparent when we arrive at Half Girlfriend. His style of writing and the words which he chooses to make the readers attracted to his creation. Coming to the title as it seems that the story is all about as a part time lover or a platonic relationship. The reality of the title creates curiosity to pick this book up. Chetan Bhagat is criticized for very simple English that is not “intellectual” enough for Indian readers; I totally disagree after reading this book. I feel that he gets the Indian mentality totally, and also has an idea about the lower middle class who struggle daily to live. He shared this particular segment which is faced by more than 70% of India’s population. Apart from that the theme of his book is always depicted Indians.

Half Girlfriend Review

As Bhagat is known for spotting the reality of every Indian about love and life so Half Girlfriend is much more than what it was shown as its first impression. It also shows governmental politics as corrupted Politian, a rural primary school, which doesn’t have enough facilities like books, toilets etc. you will also get to know about the marital violence, mother-in-law harassment, caste impression, class divides, pain depression and death. As Bhagat’s early stories like 2 States you will again find yourself in love as I felt after reading this to fall in love again and again.

Half Girlfriend Free PDF:

We know many people are searching for full free PDF of Half Girlfriend. But we can only share the PDF of first chapter only, because the boom is a copyright and cannot be allowed for free download. We highly recommend you to buy the book since it cost less than Rs 150 only and moreover Chetan Bhagat took 3 years to write this book. So definitely somebody hard work can’t be given for free. You can click here to download the first chapter PDF of the book.

Buy Half Girlfriend:

The price of the book is less than Rs 150 and you can buy it here from Flipkart. They offer free delivery and cash on delivery option all over India.

About Half Girlfriend Movie:

Bollywood has a new trend now a day to adopt the story from the novels of Chetan Bhagat or Shakespeare as “Haider” many others too. After the blockbuster movies like 3 idiots, Kai Po Che, and 2 states another love story of Chetan Bhagat will come as a movie named Half Girlfriend. While Kai Po Che was all about religion and 2 States was all about communities, Half Girlfriend is all about English that has become a new class system. The shooting will be set in Bihar, Delhi and also in New York.

Half Girlfriend Movie

Half Girlfriend Movie

Half Girlfriend Star Cast:

It has been declared that the upcoming Bollywood movie Half Girlfriend will be directed by Mohit Suri, director of Aashiqi 2 and Ek Villian. The film will be produced by the Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor and Chetan Bhagat. This is the first time when these three will come together for a film. As the combo of Ekta kapoor and Mohit suri has already rocked in Ek Villian, so people are waiting for the next magic again. People generally wait for the movies of Mohit Suri because he has given many big hits to the Bollywood which has already created history in itself. Mohit is also a fan of Bhagat’s stories as well as he like Half Girlfriend, so they had already decided to make this film. The first look poster of this film Half Girlfriend has been released over the internet. The poster is released as the same as the cover page of the book. The film will adapt the story from the latest novel by the Chetan Bhagat. In this story a Bihari boy will fall in love with a high class girl as in the novel. It’s also not sure that the name of the characters will be same or different in the movie.

Half Girlfriend Cast

According to reports Arjun Kapoor is playing the lead role in the movie and is paired opposite Shraddha Kapoor. Meanwhile Arjun Kapoor is busy with his other project Ki and Ka with Kareena Kapoor while Shraddha Kapoor is tied up in the project Rock on 2!! opposite Farhan Akhtar and preparing to work on other two projects of Baaghi and a Karan Johar film and admits she is feeling pressurised but excited as well.

The shooting for the movie is scheduled to begin in February when both the actors would be free from their previous engagements.

Half Girlfriend Release Date:

The movie Half Girlfriend which would be an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s novel with the same name is expected to be released on 7th October 2016 and is going to be produced by Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor. Kriti Sanon who was earlier expected to play the female lead. She has beeen replaced by Shraddha Kapoor. Arjun Kapoor has finally bagged the role of Madhav Jha replacing Sushant Singh Rajput who could not get a box office hit from his last release Hamari Adhuri Kahani. There had also been speculations for Varun Dhawan and Shahid Kapoor earlier which have now been ruled out. The movie would be extensively shot in Bihar, Mumbai and London accoding to the plot of the novel.

Half Girlfriend Movie Story:

The movie plot has been adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s novel with the same name. The plot involves a Bihari boy (Madhav Jha) who develops fanciful attachment towards an upper society girl (Riya Somani) and through rubble of time wins her affection. The movie is set to be shot in Mumbai, New York, London and in Bihar. Meanwhile Arjun said that movie is not a comng of age romantic comedy but has the element of pathos as well as drama.



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  1. sreetam panda

    I read this book and complead it in one day.i. Was impresed with the writting of cheatan sir.the full night I didn’t sleep all night thinking about the heart touching romantic story.after the end of Delhi’s act I cried.sir I wil feal great honour if u give me an chance to work with u in ur upcoming movie.
    My no 9583389830

  2. Julias Das

    Don’t take Ranveer kapoor or Singh for the lead roles….pls..siddharth malhotra is the best choice…. For me and others of his fans.

    1. Tushar

      Absolutely man… I m in ur side… Sid is da bst match…

  3. Tushar

    Best love story ever… Completely heart touching. Thanks a lot Chetan sir., fr dis

  4. Mayank Chahal

    its a novel or a real stary am nt able to find out but watever it is i pass my time while thinking about the story when am alone. It has been a yr ive read this novel but even now i feel so lost wenever i think about the story . and yeah the movie am sure this movie will be remembered fr yrs by the people who can feel love . well am excited fr the movie

  5. vivek singh

    i purchased this novel at DRBHANGA(Bihar) ..when i was coming ludhiana from my 20days vist .woh jurny was memrable…bcoz i had #half girlfrend…..first chapter is realty…nd another is beond the imagination…this story touches the inner sole…if i am an actor i will love to do the lead madhav….bcoz i m from bihar allso..nd student ..this story realy touche my heart….heds off.#Chetan sir………bt plzz if u cast then cast # actor not a star…….samjhgye….n…..

  6. somya thakur

    its nice and varun is prfct in the role of madhav jha….its the best novel i had read….

  7. vikky

    Today nly I read ur HALF GIRLFRIEND..dat 2nly 20pages..u pinned the bottom of our heart with ur pen…yet to read a lot sir..its tempting to read a page thrice…from this second am waiting for ur screenplay to be played on screen..

  8. Angel pradhan

    This is the best story that I had ever read….The actor and actress should be sidarth malotra and Katrina kaif….and alia bhaat does not suit for this movie….and lastly I’m waiting for the release of this movie…and I’m eager to know who will be the lead actor and actress…

  9. Udit Saxena

    The Book was Super Awesome…!!!
    One of the Best Love Story I’ve Ever read !!
    Chetan Sir…U r Just Awesome !!!
    I’d cried after finishing the book…!!
    It was just Awesome…Awesome…&…Awesome…:)
    Waiting for the film & Hope it would be the same as the book & also have the same title…!!
    I think…for this Story….”Siddhartha Malhotra” & “Kriti Sanon” would be great choice 🙂

  10. sarbani mondal

    really intresting story i love u chetan sir am a big fan of urs

  11. ravisinh

    Half girlfriend movie 🎬 ke liye best roll for hot Jodi…ranveersinh and kriti senon


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